The characteristics of equipment:

1. To adopt the CNC control feeder that fixed in the center position, which was invented by us and has advantage over other cut-to-length line in domestic.

2. To adopt the new practical patented technology invented by us. Punch and shearing machines are quantity produced by nodular cast steel. And adopt five-axis machining center to shape once after relieving of pressure, even its machining accuracy is higher than the others in the industry. Moreover, linear guides are silvered, and ball screws are used TBI in Taiwan.

3. To adopt the automatic material correction device during the high speed shearing cutting.

4. To adopt the pulsating and stacking material technology.

5. The model platform adopts the large-size milling planer to plane machining once.

6. Completely adopt the servo motor, automatic control and high stability, and these provide the best price-relative for the customer.

7. The side of software control:(normal type cutting and 7-step lamination cutting) We adopt the international famous SIEMENS, D435 high speed working controller and Siemens Servo motor. It is satisfied with the manufacturing technique for designed oil-type transformer and dry-type transformer.